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Stop Binge Eating

Change your Relationship with your Body & Food Forever.


Every day you promise yourself, ‘Today is the day.’
You’re determined to stick to your diet. You fight the cravings all day and go to bed relieved you’ve got through the first 24 hours.
But your constant thoughts about food don’t go away. They’re with you all day, every day. And eventually, as the hunger and urges build, you can’t fight them anymore.
You give into temptation and binge eat.
You beat yourself up with overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame. You failed again.
You think there’s something wrong with you. You question yourself and your lack of willpower.
You tell yourself, ‘Tomorrow will be different. I’ll be strong and I won’t let this happen again.’
But it does….
Deep down you know what you’re doing isn’t working for you, but you don’t know any other way….
Sound familiar?
But what if I told you, you can change this?

Most diets don’t work because they’re too restrictive, leading to unhealthy eating habits.
A vicious repetitive cycle of on-off dieting and late-night binge eating.
But there’s a better way.
I can show you how to finally be free from dieting and stop binge eating once and for all.

Stop Binge Eating

Hi, I’m Tania Danielle

I work with women (like yourself) who want to stop binge eating and the never-ending destructive binge starve cycle. Women who are ready to feel good about themselves. Women who want have the freedom and flexibility to eat whatever foods they want - guilt-free.

You’ve tried every diet, every detox. And every workout plan that has promised a slimmer version of yourself. And the supposed happiness that it brings.

But after months (often years) of dieting, you’re stuck in a damaging cycle of dieting and binge eating. You are still no closer to that ‘perfect’ slimmer you. You feel utterly broken. I get it, truly I do.

And I’m here to tell you, there is a way out of this. What if I said you can change your life and transform your relationship with your body & food?

“After my work with Tania, what used to feel chaotic and overwhelming in my life now feels effortless and exciting. Nothing has changed in my external world, but the way I think about it has completely transformed. I have balance. I can relax without guilt and I have boundaries.
I like the person I see in the mirror for the first time in my life (yes, even naked!). After years of disordered eating, obsessive macro counting, daily weigh-ins, and secret binge eating, releasing this 24/7 obsession I had with food feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders – one I didn’t even know I was carrying”. – Averi