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We support and help people who battle with this crazy drug called food!


My Story

My Story

Tania Danielle

I am a Food & Body Freedom Therapist, Founder of Beat-the-Binge, a Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time-based Techniques Therapist, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Theta Healing Practitioner, studying Counselling & Psychotherapy and doggie mum of two beautiful greyhounds.

I help stressed-out busy females like yourself to have the freedom & flexibility to eat whatever foods you want GUILT-FREE!

Together we work on changing how you feel about yourself, and your body and how you respond to food.

I help you stop emotional eating (or binge eating) and tune back into your own body's signs and signals when it comes to food. I'll help you believe in yourself, start to like yourself and even like your body.

For the first time you'll feel comfortable in your own skin, feel at peace with your body all without crazy fad diets OR giving up foods you love.

“I created these programmes after my own food journey. I know they work because I’ve been where you are. And I’m here to help.”

Years of Struggling

I never had a good relationship with myself or my body. I have tried every diet there is. I was either counting calories, counting points, counting sins or counting macros. I was always so desperate to lose that last half a stone, I thought would change my life. I thought it would make me happy. I would weigh myself and my foods daily, sometimes id' weigh myself twice a day and I thought this was being healthy.

In my mid 30's my food/body obsession was at an all time high. I would train daily sometimes twice a day. I would track every single bite that went into my mouth in pursuit of a leaner slimmer body, fooling myself I was being healthy.

I had done countless diets but looking back I didn’t really have a clue about overall health & wellbeing. I didn't realise you could get obsessive about eating healthy foods. I felt stressed and anxious all the time. I didn’t even realise how often I turned to food. At first I thought it was funny me pigging out on chocolate, it felt naughty but when I couldn't physically stop I started to panic. I knew something wasn't right, I was binge eating more and more....

“I was caught in a vicious cycle of binge eating and extreme dieting. My obsession with food grew – it was everywhere! If I couldn’t see it, I could smell it. I felt like I was being taunted by something I told myself I couldn’t have.”

My Tipping Point

I then decided to compete in a bikini competition, months of strict dieting and weight training. The prep was hard mentally, physically and emotionally! During my prep I would secretly give in to my food urges then have overwhelming feelings of guilt, self-loathing and shame. The competition day was a blur. I came 2nd and earned a place in the British Finals and my hard work paid off.  After the competition my coach said “now go and eat whatever you want”.


I was like a caged animal after I took that first bite I couldn’t stop. My body craved sugar. I was insatiable – it was like I had never seen food before. I felt like I was in a trance. I ate cakes, biscuits and sugary treats. They went down that fast I don’t even remember eating them, never mind actually enjoying them. In that moment all my years of dieting & self loathing all came to a head.

I had no control over my thoughts, feelings, or my actions when it came to food. I would just eat everything in sight then I’d be in shock afterwards. I would feel huge amounts of guilt and shame which spiraled into panic. Thinking ‘OMG how many calories have I just eaten?” This cycle continued over and over again. 

It would take me hours to go food shopping, I would analyse every nutrition label. I would count biscuits trying to work out the calorie per biscuit while secretly knowing I’d eat the whole packet when I got home. When that happened, I would just go back and buy more. After a binge, I’d feel so guilty that I’d abuse laxatives and starve myself the next day in an attempt to lose what I’d eaten.

“I felt like I had let myself down. I had binge eating disorder and my anxiety was through the roof. I hated myself, my body and my mind was constantly racing….I knew I needed to change my life and my relationship with food.”

Overcoming B.E.D

I finally reached out and got help. I ended up seeing a therapist who guided me back to health. I started to take small steps into loving myself and my body. I gave up the diets, long training sessions and secret eating. I re-introduced foods that I hadn’t eaten in years. I learned that my unhealthy obsession with food was actually from trauma that I had bottled up for years. 

After I healed I started to do things that gave my life meaning – instead of looking for the number on the scale to validate me I found other ways to find my value and worth. Not long after I travelled to Sri Lanka, Bali, Malaysia, Australia. Trained at a Yoga School in India, spent about 6 months in a Thai Boxing Camp and even saw Ed Sheeran in New Zealand!


My Mission

After breaking free from the hold that dieting had on my life, I feel it is my purpose to help others who also struggle with constant dieting and this drug called FOOD!!! I’ve now dedicated years to mastering different therapies. I have acquired master and practitioner qualifications to help you find the Food & Body Freedom you deserve. My mission is to help you QUIT dieting, STOP emotional eating and have Food & Body Freedom. Reduce your anxiety and find healthy ways to cope with emotions and boredom. My aim is for you to have your LIFE back and to be free to live your life again.

“My programmes are NOT for everyone. BUT if you are ready to say goodbye to diets, abusing yourself, your body and food and you want to transform your life. If you want to finally getting OFF this emotional food rollercoaster you are in the RIGHT PLACE.”

Food & Body Freedom Programme

I offer private coaching or group programme. Both designed to help you achieve food & body freedom. I will support and guide you through every step. Combining different methods to get to the very core of why you turn to food when stressed, bored, sad, happy and more.