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Free LIVE Talk 27th January 7pm GMT

What if I said you can stop emotionally eating, reconnect with your body and find food freedom without giving up the foods you love?!

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We’ll Cover 4 Parts

Part 1 – Your Conscious Behaviours
The things you do on a day to day basis.
Part 2 – Your Subconscious Beliefs
Your thoughts, values, habits and beliefs.  
Part 3 – Body Acceptance
How you feel about yourself and your body. 
Part 4 – Food & Body Freedom
No food rules, no restrictions and no weighing yourself or foods.  

Tania is absolutely incredible regarding results, today I find myself in a different body that is still mine but I love it as it is, and so much freedom around food, a complete transformation and I owe it to her.

Laura x

Tania Danielle

Find Food & Body

Hosted by Tania Danielle. Founder of Beat-the-Binge, Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time based Techniques Therapist, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Theta Healing Practitioner, studying Counselling & Psychotherapy and doggie mum of two beautiful greyhounds.

I help hard working ambitious females to transform their relationship with their body and food. I help them stop emotional eating, reconnect with their bodies and find peace with food. All without dieting or giving up the foods they LOVE.

After my own food & body journey. I know how it feels to have tried every diet under the sun. I was constantly thinking, preparing, tracking, shopping or eating food. Then have huge feelings of guilt, shame and regret for eating the 'wrong' foods. This was my normal. Is this your normal too?