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My Self-Talk Secrets that Will Make you Fall in Love with Your Body

Some days, learning to love your body can seem like an impossible task. But I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely achievable with the right tools and mindset. 


Self-love is not a quick or easy process though. If you’ve been overly critical of yourself for a long time, then poor body image and a negative self-perception is deeply ingrained in your psyche. 


It’s time to fall madly in love with the person – and the body – you see in the mirror!


Learning to rewire your thoughts and behaviours through mindful choices and intuitive eating habits does take practise, yes. And it’s not a linear path. In fact, there is no “end point.” Your relationship with your body is one that requires daily work. Like all relationships.


And it’s so incredibly worth it in the end. 


Because learning to love your body is one of the absolute best things you can do for yourself. After all, you are with yourself all the time, so don’t you want your relationship with yourself to be a positive one, the BEST one?

When you stop bringing yourself down, and start lifting yourself up, you will not only learn to love your body, find freedom with yourself and food, a clearer vision, and a new lease on life. 


If you’re ready to reject the notion that you’re flawed, and bloom into the person you’ve been underneath all along, then I’m here to help you. 


These self-talk mantras helped me heal not only my relationship with food, but my relationship with myself, and I hope they can do the same for you. 


9 self-talk mantras to help you love your body 

These self-talk secrets are meant to be taken a step at a time. You cannot expect yourself to get them right away. I recommend putting these somewhere you’ll see them each day – like on your coffee machine, cupboard doors, or bathroom mirror. Then, say them loud, say them with conviction, and say them as often as you can.


Through repetition and slow progress, you will notice your mindset slowly shifting. You’ll catch your reflection in the mirror and smile. You’ll start to feel a bit more confident when you walk out the door. And, yes, you’ll respect and love your body. 


Now, mantras are not going to do all the work for you. But they are an important part of my food freedom (aka: intuitive eating) programmes and they are a simple step you can take right now to love your body. 


“I talk about and to myself with love”

Learn to talk to yourself like you’d talk to a close friend. 


Think about someone in your life who you care about deeply. Would you pick them or their body apart? Would you do it to their face?


Well then why oh why are you doing it to yourself?


When you look at yourself in the mirror, speak to yourself as if you are speaking to your nearest and dearest friend. If you wouldn’t say something bad to them, then don’t say it about yourself either. 


Be kind to yourself. Your body listens to the things you tell it – and it remembers. That negative self-talk will become ingrained in your brain until it’s the only thing you hear. 


So it’s time to change the message. 


When you stare at your image, make a point to focus on features you like. Always give yourself at least one compliment. 


My eyes are alluring. 

I have a smile that lights up the room. 

My wrinkles tell the story of every laugh I’ve shared with loved ones – and that makes them so beautiful. 

I am sexy. 


Try to keep a top-ten list of things you like about yourself. These things don’t even need to be about your appearance. They could be about your personality or accomplishments or future dreams. 


Return to this list often. 


Even if you aren’t feeling good about yourself now, a constant practise of positivity will help you learn to love your body. One day, those positive words won’t just be words – they will be your truth. 


“I surround myself with positivity”

Learning to love your body is all about mindset, and it’s hard to get in the right mindset if you’re surrounded by negative voices. Whether it’s a health and fitness account on social media, a fashion magazine, or your diet-obsessed aunt Sandra, negative messages could be rubbing off on you.


You want to distance yourself from all that. 


That’s not to say that learning to love your body is a journey you need to take alone. It’s important to seek out some social support and emotional eating coaching may help, but be careful and mindful about who you spend your time with.


Encourage your friends to join you in a total boycott of negative self-talk. Surround yourself with positive people. 


Find people who work to build themselves up instead of picking apart their perceived flaws. People whole are strong-willed and confident, and inspire you to have more confidence in yourself. Those are your people. 


It’s easier to love your body when you are around others who also love themselves, or at least are supportive and understanding of the importance of self-love in your life. 


“I eat whatever I want!”

If you want to eat something, then eat it. It’s as simple as that. 


You don’t need to feel guilty about eating your favourite foods either. In fact, if you try to limit eating cookies or carbs, then the next time you “give in,” your body will be in complete survival mode. 


You will not be able to think rationally about those cookies, because your body will think: “I had better eat absolutely everything I can now, because I don’t know the next time I will get this again.”


When you restrict something, it will cause you to binge eat and feel wildly out of control of your eating habits. In order to break that harmful cycle, it’s important to take away your preconceived “food rules” and remind yourself that there is no such thing as “good or bad” foods. 


Food is food, it’s simply a necessary way of nourishing your body. 


Give your body what it wants without regret or remorse or restriction. You deserve to eat, and you deserve to enjoy your food. 


“I listen to my body”

If you know how to listen, your body will tell you when it is hungry, full, or satisfied. But hearing and understanding your body’s cues can take practise. 


Ask yourself – am I eating because I am stressed or upset? 


Am I continuing to snack on these foods because I am actually hungry, or because I am celebrating with my friends? 


If it’s the latter, you may be emotionally eating. Yes, even positive emotions trigger emotional eating! Now, that’s not a “bad” thing, but it’s something to get curious of and observe.


Take pause part way through your meals and assess how full you feel. And while you’re at it, decide if that food seems truly satisfying to you. Because if it doesn’t, then pack it up and find something that does.


When you learn to listen to what your body wants and needs, you will begin to gain respect for your body.


And that respect is the first step in learning to love your body. 


“I cherish the things my body can do” 

While we’re on the subject of respect, can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing your body is!? 


I mean, here you are picking apart a small line here and a little curve there, but what did your body ever do to you? 


I’ll tell you what it did.


It carried you for all these years. Over streets and mountains and fields. Through a million trials and tribulations to get you to this very moment. 


Your body has swum through bountiful bodies of water. It has danced for joy at the turning of a new year. It has healed you after you fell down and given you the strength to try again. 


Your body is absolutely astonishing. 


Thank your skin for keeping you in one piece. For protecting you from sun and cold and wind.


Thank your belly for helping you to digest your food and create fuel for all your amazing movements. Maybe even for helping you bring another life into this world.


Love your body for all the places it has taken you. Love your body for all the places it has yet to go. Love your body as it stands in front of you now. 


Because life doesn’t start ten pounds from now. Your life is happening now, and has been happening every day for years and years – so give yourself permission to truly live it. Right now, in this very moment, in the skin you’re in.


Your body is a marvel of life. Celebrate it. 


Do something nice for your body. Whether it’s a nap, a nice bubble bath, or a relaxing massage, love your body in a way that is purposeful and grateful. 


“I nourish my body”

One of the best ways to show your body respect and truly love your body is to nourish it. In order to think clearly, sleep deeply, and have more energy for the things you love, your body needs proper fuel. 


It’s great to learn a thing or two about nutrition, but not to dive too deep. There is no use in counting calories or jumping on the diet bandwagon. That’s actually the opposite of nourishing your body. A new diet or even a nutritionist is not what you need


Diets only deprive. 


Instead, learn about whole, nutritious foods that will help your body feel good. Find tasty ways to add them into your meals. 


Do you want butter on your vegetables? Then go for it!


Feel like a steak at the end of the day? Feed yourself that protein! 


Want a scoop of your favorite ice cream just because? I think you already know what I’m going to say by now.




Learn which nutrient-dense foods make your body feel great, don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love, and love your body by giving those foods to it. 


“I remember beauty is more than skin deep” 

How your body looks is not your identity. It is only one small thread in the tapestry of your being. 


Who you are on the inside holds so much more merit. The memories you keep. The way you treat others. The priorities you hold dear. Your inspirations. Your personality. Your generosity. Your kindness. 


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I say beauty is a state of mind. 


When you feel good about yourself and who you are, you will gain more confidence and self-acceptance. You will become more open-minded about yourself and others, which will not only make you a more beautiful person, it will help you learn to love your body too.


“I seek out help if I need it”

Many of these mantras are based around the food freedom and intuitive eating principles that helped me break the cycle of dieting and bingeing and finally find food freedom. And I wouldn’t have come to this wisdom and self-love if I hadn’t reached out for emotional eating help. 


In many situations, emotional eating and body negativity come from deep-rooted experiences and traumas that can be mystifying and overwhelming to work through on your own.


If self-affirmation alone isn’t working for you, it is essential to seek out professional help so you can love your body where it’s at. Asking for help never makes you a failure, it simply means you have the courage to ask for the support you need to reach your end goals, and that’s something to be proud of.


Whether it’s in the form of a therapist, a nutritionist or an intuitive eating coach or programme, such as my group or one-on-one food freedom programmes. I’ve created these to help normal, everyday people just like you. To show you the path to food freedom and show you that there are many caring and inspirational people who can help you along in your journey. 


And, if you are interested in learning from my own journey, then you can reach out for a chat


Life is too short and too precious to waste by weighing yourself down. So it’s time to love your body, get out of your head and get into the world. 

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