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Tania Danielle

Creator of the Food & Body Freedom Hybrid Programme

Hey, I’m Tania x

I am the founder of Beat-the-Binge, a Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time-based Techniques Therapist, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Theta Healing Practitioner, studying Counselling & Psychotherapy and doggie mum of two beautiful greyhounds.

I work with female business owners who want to stop emotional eating or binge eating. Ladies who have been stuck in the destructive binge starve cycle for years and who are serious about changing their life. Those who have been taught that if you want to feel accepted, worthy, happy, and loved, you must fix how you look. You must conform to a certain body size and shape.

You’ve tried every diet, every detox and every workout plan. Each promising a slimmer version of yourself. And the supposed happiness that it brings. But after months, even years of dieting and struggling with a chronic lack of self-worth. All you’ve found is yourself in a damaging cycle of dieting and binge eating. And not even an inch closer to the slimmer version of yourself you’ve dreamt of for so long.

It’s left you feeling like a failure like there is something wrong with you.

I get it, I felt this way too.

When I finally found the support I needed and got to the root cause of my food issues. I was able to heal from the inside out. I overcame that vicious binge starve cycle. I stopped binge eating and started to love my body just the way it is. And I’m now here to help you find peace with your body and food.

I will guide you through every step of your journey in my Signature Programme – Food & Body Freedom Hybrid

If you’re ready to move forward with your life, book a free 30-minute call with me.


My Story

I never liked myself or my body. I thought losing weight would help me change that. It was the answer. I tried every diet going, weight watchers, slimming world, you name it I tried it. I would obsessively count calories and weigh myself everyday without fail. I'd think to myself, if only I lost weight then I would finally be happy.

As I got older my food/body obsession was at an all time high. I would train in the gym obsessively. I would track every bite of food. All in pursuit of a leaner slimmer body. I was completely fooling myself telling myself I was being 'healthy'.

I was highly stressed and anxious all the time. I didn’t even realise how much, it had become my normal. When I first started binge eating, I was almost amused by how much chocolate I could eat. But then the day came when I couldn't stop. I knew something wasn't right, I started to panic. It wasn't 'normal' how much I was eating. This is when I started binge eating more and more....

I had no control over my thoughts, feelings, and my actions when it came to food. I would 'trance out' eating fast and furious, eating as much as I possibly could. Some days I felt so sick I couldn't breath. I wanted to make myself sick but I couldn't do it.

Afterwards, I would always be in shock by how much I ate. Followed by overwhelming guilt and shame. This cycle happened over and over. I'd binge eat, feel guilty, abuse laxatives then starve myself over and over again.

“I felt like I had let myself down. I was caught in a vicious cycle of binge eating and extreme dieting. My anixety was through the roof. I hated myself, my body and my mind was constantly racing….I knew I needed to change my life and my relationship with food.”

My Mission

After years of struggling, I finally realised I couldn't stop binge eating alone. I got support from a lovely therapist who guided me back to health, mind and body. I took small steps towards forgiving myself and loving my body. I gave up diets, long training sessions and secret eating. I re-introduced foods that I hadn’t allowed myself to eat for years, it was so liberating and freeing.

My road to recovery was life changing. It had a positive impact in every area of my life. My unhealthy relationship with my body & food had affected everything. I just didn't realise how much. Now I was free, a weight had been lifted, one I didn't know was there.

Having this new found freedom meant I could start to do things that gave my life meaning. So instead of looking for the number on the scale to validate me, I found other ways to find my value and worth.

Since then I have dedicated years learning different therapies. Both holistic and clinical to help you find the Food & Body Freedom you well and truly deserve.

“My Signature Programme – Food & Body Freedom is NOT for everyone. BUT if you are ready to change your life, stop binge eating (or emoitonally eating). Say goodbye to diets once and for all, then my programme is absolutely for YOU.”