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Nutritionist vs Binge Eating Help: How to Navigate the Differences


Have you tried every diet in the book only to find yourself waist-deep in carbs Saturday night? Are you tired of the endless cycle of restricting calories, and then feeling guilty when you give in to that burger? Well, maybe it’s time for some binge eating help. 

So many of us struggle with emotional eating. And luckily, there are a lot of forms of emotional eating help out there. Sometimes, too much information can be overwhelming though – it can be hard to know what the right choice is when it comes to your binge eating help.

And maybe you’re not even aware that you need binge eating help! So I’m here to set things straight for you. For example, below are a few of the signs and symptoms of binge eating. 

                  • You feel out of control of your eating habits
                  • You can’t stop eating once you start
                  • You try so many diets but can’t make one stick
                  • You feel guilt, shame, self-loathing 

I was once exactly where you are – I hated who I was inside and out.

I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, I was constantly trying to change me.

I felt trapped, dieting was all I knew,

I didn’t know there was another way. 

But, I finally found my freedom and I want that freedom for you too! I want you to love what you see in the mirror. 

To live with that ice cream in the freezer and not be afraid of it. 

And that is absolutely possible with the right help and coaching.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best forms of binge eating help. From nutritionists to intuitive eating coaches, there are options available for you so that you might find healing in your relationship with food, and do away with diets altogether. 


What is a nutritionist? 

A nutritionist is an expert in the field of food and nutrition and can go by the name of dietitian, nutrition specialist, and dietician. But not all nutritionists focus on the same areas of study – and unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. 

Nutritionists come in many forms. For example, they may work in hospitals, nursing homes or schools. It can be their job to help someone shed some extra weight or to lower their blood pressure. 

These specialists can help you find better health and manage diseases, whether that be for diabetes, kidney disease or even when someone is seeking binge eating help. Their goal often is to help create individualised programmes to guide clients or patients towards varying health goals. 

If you work with a nutrition specialist, they will assess your health needs, teach you about healthy eating habits, and develop a meal or nutrition plan to help achieve your health goals. 

These consultants must stay knowledgeable about the latest food and nutritional science and incorporate this into their training and practical eating advice. Unfortunately, not all nutritionists need to be licensed, because currently the term nutritionist isn’t regulated and open to interpretation.

On the other hand, a dietitian is certified. This will be noted by RD or RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist) after their name. It can be noted that all dieticians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dieticians. 

If you are looking for binge eating help or emotional eating help, it’s important to consult a licensed professional. That’s why some people looking for binge eating help turn to intuitive eating coaches.

What is emotional eating or intuitive eating coaching? 

Intuitive eating is all about breaking the toxic cycle of dieting, binging and emotional eating. 

What is emotional eating? It’s using food to regulate your emotions when you are stressed, sad – or even happy. Think a tub of ice cream after a hard day, or feeling the need to gorge during family holidays. 

Emotional eating is normal. But, when it becomes a little too much of a crutch, and continues as a habit, it can lead to unhealthy thought patterns, health issues and needing binge eating help.

Unfortunately, when you try to diet and restrict yourself to lose weight, it’s way too easy to fall off the wagon. That’s because you aren’t really listening to what your body needs and your diets are not sustainable. If you want binge eating help, it’s time to stop dieting altogether.

Did you hear that? No more diets! Isn’t that a freeing thought? 

It’s possible through intuitive eating. Many people use intuitive eating for emotional eating help or binge eating help. Intuitive eating principles centre around: 

                • Tuning out all the nutrition and health noise and listening to your body instead
                • Learning what food choices help your body feel energised and content
                • Trusting your body and understanding when it is full or hungry
                • Removing shame and guilt from eating
                • Building self-love and body positivity 
                • Making peace with food

Emotional eating and Intuitive eating coaches have programmes that throw away the rulebook and reteach you everything you thought you know about food and you. You will learn to use food for nourishment instead of punishment.

The shift in mindset that comes from intuitive eating programmes is wonderful for those who suffer from food addiction and are seeking binge eating help. 

It works from the inside out to form a better relationship with yourself and food,  – so you can feel happy and confident looking in the mirror and can live comfortably with your favourite food in the house without feeling the need to eat it.

You can rest assured that your emotional eating or intuitive eating coach knows what they are talking about – and if they are like me, that they have even been in your shoes. 

To be an intuitive eating coach, you must be a trained and licensed health professional. Your intuitive eating coach could be a therapist, counsellor, doctor, certified health coach or even a registered dietitian nutritionist. 

To be an emotional eating coach you could be licensed in any of the above or licensed in other therapies such as NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Timeline Techniques, Hypnosis, Theta Healing and many more wonderful modalities. 


Can a nutritionist help with binge eating?

So this all brings us back to nutrition. Some emotional eating or intuitive eating coaches are also nutritionists, so it stands to reason that nutrition specialists could be great at binge eating help, right? 

Well…yes, but not always. 

Remember, disordered eating is not really about food. Disordered eating, like binge eating and emotional eating, is really used to cope with uncomfortable feelings like worry, relationship stress, grief or relationship issues. 

So food itself is not the issue at hand here. It’s the relationship with food. 

And honestly, you probably already know a whole lot about nutrition. If you’ve tried a bunch of diets by now, you probably have a whole bunch of knowledge in that brain about calories, sugar, food groups, etc.

A nutritionist can help you with what you eat, but unless they specialise in treating binge eating they probably won’t be able to help the internal issues that caused you to look for binge eating help in the first place.   

Now, remember, a qualified nutritionist will work to help you with your lifestyle, but there is no magic pill or miracle here for binge eating help. 

You should not ever be asked to pay for costly dietary supplements, and there will not be quick results. Health is a long-term commitment – and the best commitment you will ever make. 

So assuming you’ve gone to the doctor, and have found a registered dietician nutritionist who specialises in eating disorders the next step is to understand how they can help you. 

1. They can teach you the truth 

A dietician can help you sort out some of the facts from fiction when it comes to all the diet plans and health advice you see in the media. They can help cut through some of that noise and understand what is truly good for your body. 

2. They can cut down on the food chaos

Another way nutritionists can provide binge eating help is by working to create balance in your eating routine. 

If you tend to binge in the evenings because you’ve been restricting calories all day, a nutrition specialist can help teach you to position meals throughout your day with nutrient-dense foods so that you feel more satisfied at all hours.

3. They can give you meal support

A dietician nutritionist can help with not only meal planning, but even grocery shopping!

They can also work with your family members or loved ones to help integrate them into your nutrition plans so you have a support system surrounding you. 

4. They can combine your nutrition with counselling 

Many nutritionists work hand-in-hand with other medical professionals to provide you with the best binge eating help possible. 

Your nutritionist may collaborate with a therapist to help work through your emotional connections to food and body image as a way to resolve the underlying causes of your binge eating. 

And, if your nutritionist is an emotional eating/intuitive eating coach, they might be able to do all that work themselves. 


Is a nutritionist or emotional eating coach better for binge eating help? 

When looking for binge eating help, it’s really important to work from the inside out. Because of that, an emotional eating coach or intuitive eating coach might be best suited to help you overcome emotional eating. 

Not just any nutritionist will have the experience or expertise to create a long-term plan that will give you food freedom for life. And that’s the goal we’re aiming for here. 

An intuitive eating programme, on the other hand, is designed exactly with emotional eating help in mind. An emotional eating coach helps challenge you and helps you let go of harmful beliefs you hold about the food you eat, and about your body. 

It’s the deep inner work, the subconscious work even, that will make all the difference for you in the long run. 

With intuitive eating, you will not just learn what to eat, but how to heal your relationship with what you eat. It will promote true holistic well-being, and practices (both emotional and physical) that will give you the tools to beat the binge once and for all. 


Find your food freedom 

Are you ready to make your food choices from a place of self-care and joy – not from a place of fear? Ready to take the reins and regain control of your health, your confidence, self-esteem, your body image and feel like you again?  

Binge eating help might be closer than you think.  

In fact, I’ve even got a free webinar to get you started. It’s a great way to dip your toes in the water of binge eating help without having to book a doctor’s appointment or track down the best nutrition specialist. (Because I know that can seem exhausting and scary.)

One step at a time. You’ve got this. And I am SO proud of you for seeking the emotional eating help you and your body absolutely deserve. 

Food Freedom (Intuitive eating) transformed my life, and I hope it can transform yours too. 


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