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We support and help people who battle with this crazy drug called food!


Food & Body Freedom 

My private coaching programme will take you on a journey to be totally FREE around foods! You’ll learn how to finally say no to restrictions, constraints and limitations. You’ll be FREE from dieting, emotional eating and turning to food in any way!


A healthy relationship with food should never include starving yourself all week because you’re out on Saturday night. Instead, it’s about making peace with yourself and food, honouring your hunger and eating more than just salad for lunch. It’s going to a restaurant without checking the menu beforehand and knowing you can have a dessert without feeling guilt and regret afterwards.


Imagine being able to enjoy the foods you LOVE without guilt, shame or self-loathing.

Imagine enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner without feeling the need to count calories or call a food “good” or “bad.”

Imagine saying goodbye to the all or nothing mentality of diet culture and instead of being truly happy and deeply content with the person you see in the mirror each day.


Over the duration of this programme, you’ll shift from checking every food label while grocery shopping, to simply select the foods that your body wants and needs. You’ll learn how to taste, chew and enjoy foods, even foods you’ve cut out of your diet for years. You’ll learn how to eat anything you want including sugar, carbs and fats without tracking your foods or feeling guilty.


So, are you ready to LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST?


Are you ready to be the BEST mother fooking version of you!


It’s time to say YES to FOOD FREEDOM!!!!!

Who is it for? 


Do you emotionally eat?

Do you yo-yo diet?

Do you feel guilt and shame after overindulging in ‘bad’ foods?

Do you regularly turn to food for comfort?

Do you find yourself eating after a difficult day?

Are you always on a diet?

Do you weigh yourself and calorie count daily?

Do you speak badly to yourself?

Do you feel anxious in yourself and around food?

Do you feel embarrassed about who you are?




What you’re doing – it isn’t working!


And it won’t suddenly start working for you tomorrow.

You need to heal your relationship with food from the inside out.

This is why I created THE FOOD FREEDOM METHOD to help people like u!

My name is Tania Danielle and I am proud to say I help people like you….

I help women who emotionally eat, yo-yo diet or turn to food for comfort. I absolutely love what I do and I love helping people like you!


My talents consist of some amazing therapies that work with both your conscious and subconscious behaviours. It can include deep intensive work but also some very logical behavioural skills that will help with your day-to-day life with food. Together we’ll get to the core of what’s really going on, unblocking and releasing all the emotional baggage that stopped you from overcoming your relationship with food.


We’ll work through past experiences healing you from the inside out. Mentally, physically and emotionally, transforming your life and your relationship with food

Food should be enjoyed, not feared!

I am a doggie mum of 2 beautiful greyhounds, I plan on rescuing more.


I look at my life now and I just feel happy (well most days hahaha) but trust me it wasn’t always this way. For most of my life I’ve struggled with how I see myself and food. Every day I would self loath, feel guilt and shame. My anxiety was through the roof, some days my head would race so much, I couldn’t even think straight.


Ultimately I didn’t like who I was. I didn’t want to be me.


All these negative feelings massively affected my relationship with myself and food. I was always on a diet. I was always trying to improve how I looked. I was embarrassed and ashamed to be me. I thought if I was slimmer I’d feel better. As if it was the magic cure to everything. Dieting seemed like the only answer.


But, not surprisingly, it only led to feelings of failure.


I’d restrict most days then eat at night. It was a constant battle, everyday I would be fighting food urges and trying to avoid my trigger foods.


Sound familiar?


This went on for years, it was my normal.


This cycle continued until I’d finally had enough, I knew I needed to heal my relationship with myself and food.


I reached out and I got help. Previously I would never have done therapy but I was desperate and knew I had to do something. My physical, emotional and mental wellbeing was at risk


I tried and tested loads of different therapies to find the magic cure.


Then things slowly started to change, due to three important steps

1) I made a commitment to myself

2) I was ready to embrace healing from the inside out,

3) I took action


Taking these steps was crucial if I wanted to overcome my binge eating.


As a result, I am the happiest I’ve been in my life – I am confident and I know my self worth.

I have total food freedom and I even like my body!


Are you ready to feel the same?




The 16-week programme for committed women who want to quit dieting and STOP emotional eating. Learn to love themselves and find food freedom giving up the foods they love!

Step 1 – The Food & You

You desperately want to lose weight but you overindulge on a regular basis. You feel worried and anxious, and you know you can’t carry on the way you are. You have zero confidence and low body image. You have no energy. You constantly feel tired. Your eating is out of control. It is affecting your life, your weight and your health too.


Your meals portions are large but you still feel hungry, you eat but your food doesn’t touch the sides. You always have space for more, maybe a tub of ice cream, a packet of biscuits or both. You try to stop but the problem gets worse…


You want to be healthy not only for yourself but for your children too. You want to see them grow and their kids too. You know your eating affects all areas of your life, not only how you look but how you feel, your behaviours and your lifestyle too.


Step 2 – The Inner You & Food

You feel imprisoned, with yourself and food, it’s a constant battle. You don’t like what you see in the mirror, you self loath and constantly talk to yourself negatively.


You feel emotional, you don’t know how you got here but you know this is much deeper than the food. You have blocks, you’ve been trying to protect yourself for a long time, you’ve avoided getting to the root of the issue. You self sabotage rather than looking in the inner you.


You’re making shifts, mentally, physically and emotionally you start to feel more positive in yourself and around food. Your anxiety is lessening and the negative self-talk is changing. You’re managing your emotions in ways that don’t involve food. You’re now starting to see your future self, healthy, happy and with all she desires.


Step 3 – The Self Love & Intuitive Lifestyle

You’ve stopped comparing yourself to others. You know your self-worth and accept yourself for the beautiful person you are. You’re naturally dropping weight, you look and feel amazing! You are the best version of you!


No more living in fear, no more hiding away from nights out. No making excuses to avoid dinner with friends. No more shame or guilt – you are now ready to enjoy life! Your self-esteem is through the roof, you are proud to be you!


You’ve found PEACE with yourself and food. You’ve found BALANCE. You enjoy the foods you love without emotionally eating! You feel FREE mind and body, you eat intuitively, no restrictions, no scales, no rules.

BOOM, You have FOOD FREEDOM!!!!!!

What you get over the next 16 weeks

Monthly 2 x 60 minute Private Sessions

1-on-1 Support and Accountability

Valuable Self Learnings

Weekly Homework & Tasks

New Life Skills

Food Freedom


You will get invaluable learning and skills to take forward to use for the rest of your life – and in other aspects of your life.


This programme doesn’t just change your relationship with food, it truly impacts every area of your life.

I have had complex trauma throughout my life and suffered with lots of anxiety. Having done some sessions with Tania, I can honestly say that my 'blueprint' is changing for the better and healing. I no longer turn to food, feel anxious or have panic attacks and if that ever happens Tania has provided me with the tools to stop those feelings so that I am no longer overwhelmed. Changes are small but strong and I have noticed I have become calmer and happier since working with Tania, who is very dedicated, knowledgeable and perceptive and goes at a pace that suits you and who is also a wonderful soul. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone else wanting to overcome emotional eating, anxiety, stress and other trauma issues.

In the Food Freedom Method, I will guide you to find peace with yourself and food. You will learn to accept all parts of you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We work with your conscious and subconscious behaviours whilst guiding you to food freedom.


Other areas we’ll cover:

Your behaviours around food

Making peace with yourself and food

Letting go of food urges





Calming your body

Changing unwanted thought patterns

Accepting you


Feeling like a failure


8 Private Sessions – 60 minutes

Support and Accountability

Homework & Tasks

Valuable self learnings

New life skills

Food Freedom


VIP Option – Intensive Daily Support & Accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this programme good for people who just want to stop dieting?

Absolutely, dieting is often a sign that there is a bigger underlying problem. The best thing to do is book a call then we can talk about your options. We’ll look at your situation and decide which programme is best for you and your needs.


Where will the sessions be held?

Our 1-on-1 therapy sessions will be held on zoom.


How long is the programme?

It’s a 16-week intensive programme.


Will I get a meal plan?

No this is not a diet, this is a life-changing transformation. This programme is to help you start listening to your own bodies wants and needs. It will help you stop emotional eating and turning to food for comfort. It’s giving yourself full permission to have food freedom, which means no diets and no restrictions.


Do I weigh myself or food?

No, you won’t be weighing yourself or foods. This is about you starting to trust yourself and your body, learning what it needs and knowing your body only wants the best for you.


Due to the intensive nature of this programme, I can only accept a limited number of applicants.